Welcome to the Crossville Horseshoe Club Website.

     The next Tournament to be held in Crossville will be the Elmo Cox Open on 05/20/2017.  Pls notify Merle South (931-510-5710) by Noon on 04/07/2017 to pre-enter tournament.

Note:    1. Tournament time will be 10:30AM CDT. Check in before 10AM CDT.
           2. Please park in the Main Parking Lot.   Please contact Merle South (931-510-5710) or Doug Farnsworth (931-787-4852) if arrangements need to be made for transportation to the Horseshoe Pavilion from the Parking Lot.
             3. No Alcohol Beverages are allowed in the Park and no Tobacco Products are allowed within the Horseshoe Court areas.

       The Crossville Horseshoe Club currently has 30 Courts at their disposal within the city limits.  24 Courts are located at Centennial Park and 12 of those are under roof in the Bob Hassan Horseshoe Pavilion.  There is an additional 6 courts located at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds.
      We currently have 2 leagues in operation at the Bob Hassan Pavilion:
        1. Tuesday Afternoon League is scheduled at 2pm and is unsanctioned.  Everyone is welcome to participate. 
        2. Thurday League is at noon every week of the year and is Sanctioned by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association.  To participate an annual NHPA Sanction fee of $25 For Adults and $10 for Cadets and Juniors will be required.  This fee also allows pitchers to participate in any sanctioned Open Horseshoe Tournament in the United States and Canada. Note: New members required to only pay $17 and Juniors/Cadets $5 for their 1st Year.
        Note:  No Entry Fee is required from any Girl or Boy Cadet(Under 10 ) or Junior(10 to 18 years) for any Sanctioned NHPA Tournament..  Only the NHPA Annual Sanction fee of $5 will be required.
Directions to the Bob Hassan Horseshoe Pavilion at Centenial Park:

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