2018 TNHPA Tournament SCHEDULE

Tournament info: All tournaments are pre-registered. You register you play. No walk ons will be accepted.  Please check in with tournament directors upon arrival.  Check in and Start times will vary this season. (voted in 2016) January 1st  thru 31 May check in is 10:00 a.m. play begins at 10:30 a.m.  June 1 thru 31 August 2018 start times will be 9:00 a.m. and play begins at 9:30 a.m.  September  1 – 31 December 2018 check in 10:00 a.m. play starts 10:30 a.m.

June 16 State Doubles Entry Cut off!  Fee $20.00 per player/ $40 team.

September 15 State Singles Entry cut off. Fee  $25.00 each                                                                                    


                             Winter  (check in 10:00a.m.- start at 10:30a.m.)

January        06   Morgan’s               Snowbird Open

January        20   Morgan’s               Lawrence Osborne Open

January        27   Crossville               Brr Open

February      03   Morgan’s               No Leaners Open

February      10   Morgan’s               Valentines’ Day Open

February      17   Crossville               Mike Jones Open

March          03   Morgan’s                Spring Ahead Open

March          10   Crossville                Alan pepper Open

March          24   Clarksville               March madness Open

March          24   Morgan’s                Henry Nease Open


April             07   Crossville                Marty Mulligan Open

April             14   Caryville                   Alla Faye Monday Open

April             14   Clarksville               Macmillian Open

April             28   White Pine             Fred Smith Open

May              05   Rock Springs         Danny Neely Open

May              12   Caryville                  Bob Bilyeu Open

May              12   Clarksville               Tommy Wahl Open

May              19   Crossville                 Spring Fling Open

May              26   White Pine              Jack Conner Open


1 June – 31 August Check in 9:00 a.m.  start at 9:30 a.m.

June            2-3   CLARKSVILLE           THE HORSESHOE TOUR

June              02   Rock Springs          James Fink Open

June              09   White Pine             Robert Smullen Open

June              09   Clarksville               The “TWINS” Open

June        16  Preregistration and entry form CUT OFF  for TN State Doubles

June              16   Crossville                Doug Farnsworth Open (Walking Doubles)

June              16   Caryville                  Buster Williams Open


July                07    Caryville                  H.L. Evans Open

July                07    Clarksville               Joe Thomas Open

July         9-21   2018 World Tournament at Florence, SC

July               28     Rock Springs          Houston Culbert Open

July               28     Crossville                Post WT Open

August         04     White Pine             Ray Duncan Open

August         11     Crossville                Elmo Cox Open

August         18     White Pine             James Cooper Open

August         25     Caryville                 Frank Jones Open

August         25     Clarksville              Birthday Open


September 1 – 31  December 2018   check in 10:00 a.m. start at 10:30 a.m.

September   08     White Pine           Charles Gray Open

September   08     Clarksville             Alan Gauger Open

September   15     Crossville              Bobby Fields Open

September   15     Rock Springs        Grady Coleman Open

September 15  Preregistration and entry form cutoff for TN State Singles


October        06    Morgan’s             Columbus Day Open

October        06    Clarksville            Richard Rosser Open

October        20    Morgan’s             Jim Sizemore Open

October        20    Crossville             Great Pumpkin Open

November    03    Morgan’s            Welcome to Fall Open

November    10    Crossville            Veterans Day Open

November    17    Morgan’s            Willard Williams open

December     01   Morgan’s             Rudy Klein Open

December     08   Crossville             Fall to Winter Open

December    15    Morgan’s             JoAnn Stanford Open    






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